Wealth Management


To achieve capital preservation for the conservative portion of a client’s portfolio, Tevis Michaud forms strategic alliances with the best portfolio managers in the industry. His selection criteria include:

  • Proven market analytical processes
  • Proven capital preservation/return on investment track records
  • Client satisfaction through continuous monitoring, communications and reporting

He adds value beyond quantitative analysis by qualitatively assessing the values, attitudes and overall personalities of the managers he works with. By employing professional portfolio managers, Tevis ensures that his clients benefit from a range of benefits that include diversification, reduced transaction costs, economies of scale, professional management, specialization, liquidity and flexibility. 

Wealth Creation


To achieve capital appreciation for the more aggressive portion of a client’s portfolio, Ray Martin draws on extensive experience to select the most promising emerging companies in the wealth creation sector. He looks for businesses with:

  • Experienced management teams who have solid credentials and a track record of success
  • High-quality assets that are well positioned for growth
  • Appropriate share structure

These are speculative investments which means they may be associated with greater volatility. However, they also offer significant opportunities for Wealth Creation.